Choosing a Professional Broker

Much like selling a house, it starts with partnering with a qualified representative, that knows the market and vessel your selling, inside and out. Someone who is honest and trustworthy, that conducts themselves as a consultant more than a pushy salesperson.

At Moore Yacht Sales, we embrace and conduct ourselves with core values of follow-up and follow-through with transparency. We will aggressively market and expose listings with a no pressure sales mentality. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, while focusing putting a quality deal together at a fair price.

We feel that there are three main components in professionally representing your yacht; an in-depth yacht evaluation, a professional marketing campaign and the deal itself.


We will do a comprehensive analysis of the value of your boat, compare it to what is on the market and how much they are actually selling for. Upon completion, we will review our findings and present a suggested listing price. We would also advise with ideas on how to make the boat more marketable.

Once a listing price is agreed upon, we arrange a favorable day to get pictures and videos of the boat. When applicable we would arrange for some drone footage and aerial still photos.


When you list your boat with Moore Yacht Sales, everyone will know that your boat is for sale! In the digital era, Social media plays an enormous role in helping to sell boats. It's the brokerage firms that know how to navigate those waters that experience three to four times the number of clicks on their listings than a boat that is not on social media. In addition, with SEO marketing and paid media campaigns within all platforms, social media, Boat Trader, and Yacht world, all of which results into fewer days on the market!

The recipe for our marketing success is quite simple: Quality, Accuracy & Exposure.

Quality: Photos and videos

Accuracy: Present a complete accurate listing which highlights the strengths of the vessel.

Exposure! Boat Trader, Yacht World, Everything Boats, Social media, paid marketing campaigns, industry forums, SEO marketing of our website, and Industry related trade shows are just a few of the examples of how we will expose your listing.


We will handle all the phone calls, showings, present professional real offers, arrange surveys, sea trials and provide the ease of electronic signatures and wire transfers.

Our structured approach in facilitating a deal eliminates the tire kicker offers. All offers that we present to our sellers are contractually put together with a purchase and sale along with a deposit. The P&S provides protection for both the seller and the buyers with agreement terms and any contingency the deal may have. All of this will be electronically presented to you with our Yacht Closer software which provides the ease of use of electronic signatures.

We will handle all the scheduling of showings, surveys and sea trials, you don't have to be there, we will handle everything! Throughout the process, we will strive to keep it as seamless as possible with consistent follow-up and follow-through, with honesty and accuracy.